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Inflatable Party Magic TX, the Dallas Fort Worth area party rental specialists, are pleased to announce that they have expanded their summer event rental offering. The latest equipment is now available on the online website which allows easy and fast online bookings 24/7. Although online booking is popular with most customers, the company still participates in face-to-face calls and visits to offer personalized support. The team also helps clients choose the best gear for their parties, depending on the space and budget. They work with their clients to ensure they make the right selection for their event. They also ensure that the selected units are a good fit for the guests and the event.

Inflatable Party Magic TX – Mechanical bull rental

Inflatable Party Magic TX is also one of the first companies to comply with the new Texas state regulations for bouncy castles and rides. Under the regulation, the company is insured according to state guidelines, and the state inspects all equipment annually. While many companies fail to comply with these standards and regulations, this company makes them mandatory. In this way, they ensure that the devices are absolutely safe for the guests and that there are no accidents.

The company is now offering some of the most exciting Rental of summer events like human hamster balls, climbing walls, euro bungee trampolines, bumper cars, mechanical bulls and many others. The life-size human hamster ball with zorb racetrack perfectly complements the range of carnival games. It is a must have for college events, corporate team building and group activities. The mobile climbing wall is a climbing wall with 4 stations and each station offers a different level of challenge to get the best out of the climbers. Great for teenagers and adventurers, this is sure to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Euro bungee trampoline rental is set to take the event to a whole new level. Jumping on a trampoline and trying out acrobatic stunts is an experience. Bring the amusement park into the backyard with these trampolines. The mechanical bull rentals or bull riding machines are for brave guests. This is a fantastic rental that challenges riders to stay just 8 seconds which is almost impossible for many. Last but not least, bumper cars are a unique attraction. The fully padded 4 wall arena features 4 bumper cars that are safe and promise unlimited fun.

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Inflatable Party Magic TX is a party rental company providing services in Texas Cleburne, arlingtonAledo, Fort Worth, Burleson and others DFW areas. They specialize in party rentals for all types of small, medium and large events. With easy online booking, customers can choose from pre-packaged packages or customize their packages with a range of climbing walls, photo booths and more.



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